Laatste updates m.b.t. status van meetings

4 november: Vanaf 16 november start er een nieuwe meeting in Arnhem!

Dear Sir / Madam,

Some Gamblers Anonymous members are willing to share their own personal stories with members of the press, radio, researchers, etc. Some members go to schools, universities and prisons to tell their story to people, so that people can avoid problems related to gambling and to tell those who might be interested in the fact that there is help available. At all times these individuals speak on a personal basis and "do not talk or represent“Gamblers Anonymous.

Gamblers Anonymous is very strict about her relationship with the media. Of course we encourage the awareness of our existence, but we do not promote ourselves, we rely entirely on appeal.

We always maintain our anonymity and it is therefore impossible appear on television, because we can be recognized, or even the perception may arise that we give up our anonymity.

Gamblers Anonymous is an anonymous community and therefore we do not keep data on numbers or types of gamblers. We are anonymous and cannot be photographed or recognized .

Although we cannot provide gamblers or their families for TV or press interviews a number of our members are willing to share their personal experiences.

We have no opinion on the accessibility of gambling - our only goal is to spread the message. We have no statistics kept on the number of gamblers or members. We have no comment on government policy on gambling.

Gamblers Anonymous provides fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions, and are non-professional,, we only offer voluntary support by one gambler who helps another gambler.

Exposure through the media, press, etc., has helped many people find Gamblers Anonymous.

Many of these people are leading a happy and productive life without gambling. You helped to make this possible, and we are grateful.

Our primary goal is to stop gambling and to help other compulsive gamblers to do the same.

Important: You might come to the Gamblers Anonymous website after using a search engine or via a link from a website about gambling or gambling-related services.

Gamblers Anonymous has no relationship of any kind with any other organization or company.